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How do I choose a video production company?

Ask these questions when choosing a video production compay.

Do you like their demo reel?
Do they answer all your video questions?
Can they do it for a reasonable price?
Do they have the experience to tackle your project?
Do they use professional equipment?
Can they meet your deadline?
Do they understand your business?
Do you trust the contact person?

Here are just some of the line items in a typical video budget:

o Pre-production
o Scripting
o Shooting days
o Travel
o Tape Stock
o Animation
o Graphics
o Narration
o Actors
o Set Design
o Editing
o Prop

How long does it take to make a video?

You can count on several months timeline from first meeting to completed master. Just like building a custom home, some projects can take shorter or longer. The client can minimize the process time by limiting the number of company people involved in the approval process, making sure there is a professional subject matter expert at each shooting location and budgeting enough pre-production planning time to adequately prepare for the project.

What are the steps to making a custom video?

Planning meetings determine the budget, scope, audience and objective of the video. Next we synthesize your company's materials and ideas and come up with several draft scripts. After a final shooting script is approved, shooting and graphics design begins.

After all the principal shooting and interviews are complete, a final editing script is written and approved. Next a rough draft of the edited video, called an off-line is completed. After the off-line version has been approved, a completed master, called an on-line edit is completed.

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